Doing a little work on the site

You’ll probably notice some weirdness for a while when you go to an older page or post on the site.

I’ve recently made a theme change, and since I was using a custom built theme (I built it, and that was why it looked homemade, because design is not one of my true skills), the way I used featured images was quite a bit different than the way this new theme uses them.

Until I get all that straightened up, things are going to look weird. Apologies in advance! :-)


Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews Coming Soon

As an avid fan of reading, I’ve decided to start including more science fiction and fantasy book reviews on the site. If you want to submit your book for review, feel free to use the contact page to send me a blurb and I’ll tell you if I’m interested. If you send me the book attached, do not send it in a zip file. I won’t risk opening it.

I get a lot of books through netgalley and from publishers, but not SF/F books. Any time I can, I’d rather deal directly with authors if possible, because it’s easier to go back to emails if I decide I want to review a book later that I wasn’t sure about to start with. I’m also not one to post reviews if I hate a book, simply because there’s no way I’ll finish it if I don’t like it. That’s just the way I read.

My tastes in SF/F fiction run to pulp and entertainment, although I occasionally enjoy high-minded fiction. I’d much rather be entertained, and I have high tolerance for typos and grammar foibles–I want a good story. Give me that and I’m forgiving of the rest…

I’m opening this to both industry/traditionally published books and independently published books for the time being. We’ll see how it goes.


Missing Posts? Yep. Site Roll Back.

There are definitely missing posts here. You’re not dreaming. I’ve rolled the site back to an earlier time and will be updating with the missing content sometime later this week. (Or as it turns out, never.)


Sections a New Addition to Site, Not Quite All There Yet

If you’ve noticed, I’ve added a list of links to the sidebar under the title “Sections.” My goal is the have an easy way to get to the related content on the site about any specific science fiction or fantasy television show I watch and write about. Right now, though, some of the pages are still a little blank. Some of the pages that aren’t blank are The Walking Dead, Chuck, Once Upon a Time, and Being Human. I’ll be expanding those and adding the rest in very soon.

What I discovered was that although I love the idea of organizing with tags, it’s not very practical. Hence the need to re-evaluate and come up with a better way to get around the site.

Sci-Fi Views

Heads up about changes coming to SciFi Fantasies in 2011

This is just a little note to mention that changes are coming to this site and blog. I’ve been neglecting SciFi Fantasies for a while now and I feel compelled to find a way to bring back the love I once had for the site. I’ve been giving that some thought as the end of the year has approached and I’ve had a few ideas that I think might work out.

1. I have a heavy interest in some shows and could care less about others. I’d like SciFi Fantasies to reflect my interests more.

2. I created a database back when I started this site, but I’ve found that I don’t enjoy keeping it updated. If I’m not going to keep it relevant, there’s really no point in having it here. I’m not planning on losing all of the content, but I won’t be keeping some of the minutia such as the individual pages for episode details–unless I change my mind between now and implementation.

3. I would like to chat more on the blog. News is all well and good, but I truly enjoy episode and show discussion and I would like to do more of that. To that end, this site is not going to be spoilerphobe friendly. I have a love for spoilers and the site is probably going to reflect that.

4. I run several other sites I created for shows I’m especially fond of (,, I would like to integrate them more fully with this site. Not sure how that will work, but I’m going to give it some additional thought.

5. I love books! I want to talk about science fiction and fantasy books more often here. Especially tie-ins for television I love.

6. I want to showcase fun stuff that fans love. I get a little caught up in the worlds created by the tv shows I love and find myself sometimes wanting to read more about them outside the sanctioned channels. I would like to talk about and link to fanfiction I find particularly fun and entertaining, or at the very least to the archives where it can be found. I’ve found that good fanfiction can be integral to keeping me excited about a show when a few bad episodes try to spoil my fun.

7. There is no 7 yet. :)

So there you go, a short summary of things I’d like to do with the site in 2011 and that I hope to get started on ASAP.

Sci-Fi Views

Sci-fi Fantasies gets something of a makeover

You might have noticed me messing around with the Sci-fi Fantasies website over the last couple of days. I’ve been tweaking and playing and I kind of like what’s come of it. I have a particular family member who thinks I’ve ruined the site by changing the header, but since it’s my site, I told her to leave me alone about it. I happen to like the simplicity of the new header and the way it leaves more room for the important stuff—like my opinion. :)

The makeover isn’t huge, but on a few pages, the changes are more substantial than on others. Take the show detail pages. I’ve moved the episode list menus to the top right to make it easier to find.

Comments are welcome, and I’m always interested to know if there’s a bug that needs working out. Thanks!

Sci-Fi Views

Introductory post

Introducing myself here. Hi, I’m Lynn. I run/own/developed Sci-fi Fantasies. Although there are a limited number of shows listed at this time, I have a plan for site growth that includes the addition of many more great science fiction television and documentary programs.

Sci-fi fantasies