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Stargate Books Series Complete Book List for SG-1, SGA, & SGU

Here are the complete lists of Stargate books for Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe, since I’m sure that’s what you came to this page looking for. Below the lists I’ve added some comments if you care to read on. This list is meant to be in order of publication and I think I’ve got it about right. Feel free to let me know if you notice errors.


  1. SG1-01 Trial by Fire
  2. SG1-02 Sacrifice Moon
  3. SG1-03 A Matter of Honor
  4. SG1-04 City of the Gods (buy the ebook) *affiliate link
  5. SG1-05 The Cost of Honor (sequel to A Matter of Honor)
  6. SG1-06 Siren Song
  7. SG1-07 Survival of the Fittest
  8. SG1-08 Alliances
  9. SG1-09 Roswell
  10. SG1-10 Relativity
  11. SG1-11 The Barque of Heaven
  12. SG1-12 Do No Harm
  13. SG1-13 Hydra
  14. SG1-14 Valhalla
  15. SG1-15 The Power Behind the Throne
  16. SG1-16 Four Dragons
  17. SG1-17 Sunrise
  18. SG1-18 Transitions
  19. SG1-19 Oceans of Dust
  20. SG1-20 Heart’s Desire
  21. SG1-21 The Drift (buy the ebook) *affiliate link
  22. SG1-22 Moebius Squared
  23. SG1-23 Ouroboros
  24. SG1-24 Two Roads
  25. SG1-25 Hostile Ground (Apocalypse Series, #1)
  26. SG1-26 Murder at the SGC
  27. SG1-27 Exile (Apocalypse Series, #2)
  28. SG1-28 Kalis Wrath
  29. SG1-29 Hall of the Two Truths
  30. SG1-30 Insurrection (Apocalypse Series, #3)
  31. SG1-31 Female of the Species
  32. SG1-32 Infiltration

Stargate SG-1 Novellas/Other

  1. SGX-01 Far Horizons (Anthology of ten stories)
  2. SGX-02 Permafrost
  3. SGX-03 Points of Origin (Anthology of ten stories)
  4. SGX-06 Homeworlds (Anthology of ten stories)
  5. SGX-07 Behind Enemy Lines


  1. SGA-01 Rising
  2. SGA-02 Reliquary
  3. SGA-03 The Chosen
  4. SGA-04 Halcyon & SGA-04 Halcyon (SE)
  5. SGA-05 Exogenesis
  6. SGA-06 Entanglement
  7. SGA-07 Casualties of War
  8. SGA-08 Blood Ties
  9. SGA-09 Mirror, Mirror
  10. SGA-10 Nightfall
  11. SGA-11 Angelus
  12. SGA-12 Dead End
  13. SGA-13 Hunt and Run
  14. SGA-14 Death Game
  15. SGA-15 Brimstone
  16. SGA-16 Homecoming (Legacy Series, #1)
  17. SGA-17 The Lost (Legacy Series, #2)
  18. SGA-18 Allegiance (Legacy Series, #3)
  19. SGA-19 The Furies (Legacy Series, #4)
  20. SGA-20 Secrets (Legacy Series, #5)
  21. SGA-21 The Inheritors (Legacy Series, #6)
  22. SGA-22 Unascended (Legacy Series, #7)
  23. SGA-23 Third Path (Legacy Series, #8)
  24. SGA-24 Pride of the Genii

Stargate Atlantis Novellas/Other

  1. SGX-01 Far Horizons (Anthology of ten stories)
  2. SGX-03 Points of Origin (Anthology of ten stories)
  3. SGX-04 Lost Queen
  4. SGX-05 Wild Blue
  5. SGX-06 Homeworlds (Anthology of ten stories)
  6. SGX-08 From the Depths


  1. SGU-01 Air

The Stargate Books

I would love to be further along in my reading of the Stargate books, but there are so many of them I didn’t know where to start when I began reading them. I finally decided on Stargate Atlantis and bought several Stargate Atlantis books. I picked them out based on story description and ratings and I haven’t yet been disappointed.

I’ve linked to the book reviews I’ve written for the books I’ve finished reading, but I still have many books to go. I own several more still sitting on my TBR shelf, and I find myself tempted to add more to my collection even before I’ve finished the Stargate Atlantis books I have because some of the books sound so good.

I’ve bolded those books I want to buy ASAP, and italicized those that I already own but haven’t yet read.


The Universe of Stargate

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SGU the Complete Final Season DVD is Available

The final season of Stargate Universe is available on DVD. Amazon is offering the set for just over $30 at the moment. (Check the item’s price on Amazon for the current actual price. It might be even cheaper now!)

Stargate Universe Season 2 DVD box cover
Season 2 was the final season of Stargate Universe

Season two ended the run of Stargate Universe. Unfortunately, the series wasn’t drawing enough live viewers to warrant a renewal for another season, despite the marked increase in episode quality in season 2, most notably in the back half of the season.

I had begun to really enjoy the series this season, after having ambivalent feelings about it in season 1. There was even a point when I thought I was done watching SGU, but I ended up returning to the series because of my love for all things Stargate.

There are a lot of special feature and extras on the Season 2 set, including commentary for every episode. I found several of the special features humorous, including the “Pitches” special. It might be my favorite of the entire set, just because I found the spoof of the process for getting a script together and written to be especially funny.

Finally, if you’re a huge fan of Stargate, it’s going to be hard to pass up owning the final season of what might be the final Stargate series for a long while. So, buy the Stargate Universe Complete Final Season DVD set for your collection and get a good deal in the process.

Link: I reviewed the SGU Season 2 DVD set on Stargate Universe Fan.

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Stargate Universe Episodes to Date

Stargate Universe is in its final season. Although I had high hopes for the series, it took a little too long to take off with viewers and ended up being cancelled after only two seasons. Still, you don’t want to miss your chance to watch these final episodes of the long-lived, much-loved Stargate franchise.

This list of Stargate Universe episodes that have aired to date includes links to view the episodes at Amazon where you can watch a short preview and choose either the standard version or the HD video version. Catch up quickly, because the final episodes in the series will be airing over the next few weeks.

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SGU and the future of Stargate

This isn’t going to be a long drawn out post about what I don’t like about the new Stargate series, Stargate Universe. There’s more than I had hoped, but I love the concept of the show and I have high hopes that it will continue to improve with every episode.

I admit I wasn’t thrilled by the first few SGU episodes after Air. Air was a good introduction to the characters and series, but the thing that’s getting me about this series is the slowness of it all. I don’t mind waiting for a payoff, but I’ve never been a fan of dramatic series like Lost, Heroes, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, later seasons of Smallville, or any of a number of other TV series. I like the relationship aspects, but I want to see a lot more action and adventure in this show. Why can’t a more character/relationship driven series still have plenty of action?

I like action, humor, and even Battlestar Galactica. ;) However, with the later, I found I could only handle so much drama before I was ready for it to be over with.

The good thing about Stargate Universe is that with “Time“, I saw what could be. That glimpse into the future of SGU has given me great hopes for the show. With “Time,” I know there’s action and adventure to be had and some of the stuff I’ve always loved about Stargate seems to be surfacing at last—the travel, the excitement, the danger…

I saw something special in “Time” and for the first time, I saw myself as a true fan of the show.

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