Eureka Season 2 DVD

The Eureka Season 2 DVD is a collection of episodes that are perfect for watching again and again.

Eureka Season 2 DVD box set cover

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Eureka Season 2 DVD Box Set

The thing about the season 2 DVD box set is that you’ll want to watch it all the time. It has a collection of some awesome Eureka episodes, and some of them are my personal all time favorites from Eureka.

Don’t Miss These Episodes from Season 2 of Eureka

Noche de Suenos is fantastic. Despite everything that’s happened with the characters’ lives, romantically speaking, I still laugh at this one with its Fargo/Zorro/Stark/Jo scene. It is spectacular and I know it makes no sense but this still makes me long for romance between two characters who couldn’t be more different–or wrong for each other. The introduction of Zane in E=MC…? is hard to beat, but Maneater just about does it. Unpredictable has one of my favorite scenes of the series, with Carter barely able to stand in gale force winds. You really have to see it at least ten times to enjoy it the most… ;-)

While those are all fun episodes, Phoenix Rising and Try, Try Again sets Henry on a path that scared me, for him. I shouldn’t have worried because in the long run, it all works out for the good of everyone, but his arc is mysterious and dark and adds a lot to season 2.

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Episodes on the Eureka Season 2 DVD

  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. Try, Try Again
  3. Unpredictable
  4. Games People Play
  5. Duck, Duck Goose
  6. Noche de Suenos
  7. Family Reunion
  8. E=MC…?
  9. Sight Unseen
  10. God is in the Details
  11. Maneater
  12. All That Glitters
  13. A Night at Global Dynamics

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis