Here’s all the incidental stuff we sometimes find ourselves interested in as fans, such as which actor portrayed who in what…

These are all limited to science fiction and fantasy characters and actors, because I don’t even want to think of the time it would take me to do more, if I were even interested in other television genres…

(I secretly love quite a few non-scifi/fantasy television shows – Castle anyone? – but don’t tell on me! I watch far too much tv as it is.)

Missing Posts? Yep. Site Roll Back.

There are definitely missing posts here. You’re not dreaming. I’ve rolled the site back to an earlier time and will be updating with the missing content sometime later this week. (Or as it turns out, never.)

Sections a New Addition to Site, Not Quite All There Yet

A short post about some things going on with the site and things to come.

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis