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Poll for Stargate Fans Has Little Chance of Success

I’m all for a vote to help save the Stargate franchise, but in this instance, I found myself turned off the vote by the wording of the request for votes.

Heads up about changes coming to SciFi Fantasies in 2011

A few comments about changes I plan to make to the site.

Have your TV viewing habits been forever changed by DVR technology?

DVR technology has had a significant impact on my TV watching habits.

Sci-fi Fantasies gets something of a makeover

Just a note about the changes to the Sci-fi Fantasies website.

What!? TV on DVD

What compelling reasons keep me shelling out good money for something that was available for (mostly) free at one time?

Introductory post

Introducing Lynn and

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis