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Watching: Another Life (Netflix series) (Spoiler: I like it)

I’m watching Another Life on Netflix this week, and the one question I have that I can’t seem to answer is: Why don’t more people like this fast-paced, action-packed show?

New Stargate SG-1 book: Infiltration

Infiltration book cover

Despite the fact that Stargate SG-1 ended more than ten years ago, the series is still going in the media tie-in novels. This newest book is set during the time of “The Entity”, season four, and deals with the events leading up to that episode. Infiltration aims to explain why the Entity chose Sam Carter […]

A Grimm find: The Mythology of Grimm

Mythology of Grimm book cover

Although The Mythology of Grimm was released a number of years ago, somehow I missed it. As a longtime fan of Grimm, and someone who rewatches the episodes whenever the mood strikes, it’s a nice piece to add to my fan collection. The Mythology of Grimm by Nathan Robert Brown NBC’s hit television series Grimm […]

The Orville: A review at three episodes in

Talking about The Orville, three episodes into its first season.

Some Grimm Speculation

**Spoilers ahead for those of you who are behind the times.** Although it’s been months since I watched that jaw dropping season finale, I’m still not sure how I feel about the last season of Grimm. There were definitely some episodes and story lines that I thought were inspired. I actually loved the Adalind Shade story […]

Missed It the First Time Round-up

Recently I’ve had to opportunity to catch some science fiction and fantasy television I missed the first time around. A few of these have been very popular shows, but I just never got around to watching for one reason or another. Here’s a short summary of what I tried and my thoughts. True Blood I wasn’t as […]

Quick Reviews: Grimm Season 4 Episodes

My quick reviews of Grimm’s season 4 episodes. And by reviews, I mean thoughts, roughly organized and probably not that review like. At any rate, don’t expect objectivity. I’m a true fan. ;)

The Grimm Novels

A list of the Grimm novels with descriptions and links, because what good is being a fan if I can’t gush over the series I love?

Newest Grimm Book! Grimm: The Killing Time

About the newest Grimm book, The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner. In it, a mysterious creature can dissolve its victims, assuming their appearance, personality, and memories. If you follow the Grimm series, don’t miss this book!

The Almighty Johnsons

The Almighty Johnsons is one of my new favorite shows.

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis