Quick Sci-fi Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow)

A quick review of Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow). This was one great movie. I recommend you watch it ASAP. :)

Quick Sci-fi Movie Review: The Maze Runner

A quick review of The Maze Runner movie.

The Odd Thomas Movie

A few comments about Odd Thomas, a movie based on Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series of books about a fry-cook who sees the dead.

Is The Last Airbender a Trilogy?

Tries to answer the question, Is The Last Airbender a trilogy?

2012 Movie, science fiction—or fantasy?

2012…a science fiction fantasy and a masterpiece of disaster.

Hints of an I Am Legend prequel

Hints of a prequel for the movie I Am Legend.

From tv series to movie; anxious for Stargate Continuum

Of all the television shows that could have made it in movie form, I think Stargate has been perfect in that format. I’m anxious to see this new one…

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis