Eureka to Return in July

“EurekaWriters: Hear ye, hear ye! @Syfy has spoken: #Eureka is back with Season 4.5 in July, folks!” (link)


Finally, a return date for Eureka. Everyone knows I have a real soft spot for this show. I run a Eureka fan site after all, and there’s not greater show of love for a series than to spend too many hours building a site just to showcase one’s appreciation for it.

Season 4.5 has been a long time coming, and I’m excited to know that it won’t be much longer before I can revisit my favorite weird little town of Eureka.

There’s also been news that Eureka has been renewed for a 5th season.

So, I’m marking my calendar for July and will be keeping an eye out for the return of one of my favorite television shows.

Long live Eureka.

You can catch the last 5 episodes aired on the Syfy website, or just go to Amazon and watch any that you’ve missed.

If you’re a fellow fan, check out the Eureka books too…

A Few Favorites

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