Falling Skies Episode List

Falling Skies

There are lots of reasons to watch this series. Falling Skies is an awesome science fiction television series about an alien attack on Earth, where the aliens have killed many of the adult humans. They “harness” and use the children for a purpose not yet fully revealed, but which seems to be as manual labor.

Starring Noah Wyle as Tom Mason and Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass.

Falling Skies Season 1 Episodes

This Falling Skies episode list names all 10 episodes (9 if you count the 2 hour series premiere as 1 episode) of the (fabulous, cool, exciting) TNT series. I kinda like it.

  1. Live and Learn (Series Premiere / Pilot, Episode 1)
  2. The Armory (Series Premiere / Pilot, Episode 2)
  3. Prisoner of War, Episode 3
  4. Grace, Episode 4
  5. Silent Kill, Episode 5
  6. Sanctuary Part 1, Episode 6
  7. Sanctuary Part 2, Episode 7
  8. What Hides Beneath, Episode 8
  9. Mutiny, Episode 9
  10. Eight Hours, Episode 10

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Although the DVD isn’t yet available, there’s a really cool Falling Skies graphic novel prequel for the show.

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