Preorder Available for Falling Skies Season 1 DVD & Blu-ray

falling-skies-dvd-blu-ray Finally, you can preorder either the Falling Skies DVD or Falling Skies Blu-ray for the complete season 1!

When a show as good as this one comes out on DVD, I add it to my collection. The price is excellent too, at below $30 right now for the entire Falling Skies season 1 DVD, and under $35 for the Falling Skies season 1 Blu-ray.

What is it about Falling Skies that makes it something science fiction fans will want to buy? The series takes on the story of an alien invasion and turns it into an thrilling mystery, that’s why.

Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood are great at what they do, and it shows in their portrayals of their characters, Tom Mason and Anne Glass. Colin Cunningham, however, is the breakout actor/character for this show for me. I saw him in many episodes of the Stargate TV series, but I never thought of him as spectacular or great, but in Falling Skies, as Pope, he really shines as an actor, bringing John Pope to life as a crazy gang leader turned prisoner who might not be so crazy after all.

Although I liked every episode, in my opinion particularly good episodes from season one of Falling Skies include Prisoner of War (episode 3), Grace (episode 4), What Hides Beneath (episode 8), Mutiny (episode 9), and Eight Hours (episode 10).

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in on the preorder price guarantee to get the best price Amazon offers if you’re even sort of thinking of purchasing the Falling Skies DVD or Blu-ray set. There’s no specific release date listed, but it’s inevitable the sets will be out before the new season starts next summer.

Preorder Falling Skies on DVD or Blu-ray. Just click one of the links for the format you want!

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