Eureka Season 4.0 & 4.5 DVD

The Eureka Season 4.0 DVD contains approximately half of the episodes that make up Eureka’s season 4. The Eureka Season 4.5 DVD contains the remaining half of the episodes.

Eureka Season 4.0 DVD cover

Eureka Season 4.0 DVD Box Set

The lastest Christmas episode (Do You See What I See?) is not on the 4.5 DVD set but O’ Little Town is, along with the Warehouse 13 episode Don’t Hate the Player featuring a heavy dose of Fargo.

What made season 4 special was the sudden changes that occurred with the end of the first episode of the season. After an event that changed the timeline, Eureka’s history was just different enough to be interesting but not so much as to fundamentally change the show I already loved.

Fans of the series certainly won’t want to skip either half of season 4. The fourth season was drawn out over a two year period so it’s easy to be confused about what’s in season 4 and what’s not. Between both DVD sets, you’ll have all the season 4 episodes (except Do You See What I See?, see below), plus extra features, and an episode of Warehouse 13.

Eureka Season 4.5 DVD set

Eureka Season 4.5 DVD Box Set

The Eureka TV series is certainly a TV series that’s fun and memorable enough to own on DVD. Episodes are enjoyable even the third and fourth times around, and the characters are smart and interesting, and stay true to form in season 4 despite everything.

There’s been enough character development over the course of the show to make the season 4 changes important and significant to me. The sudden shift in the lives of Eureka’s residents, such as Jo, Allison, Fargo and Henry, bring season 4 to life.

If you haven’t seen Eureka’s season 4, don’t miss it. Buy the complete season 4 DVD set: Eureka 4.0 and Eureka 4.5. Click on the images above, or follow the links to buy Eureka at Amazon or read more reviews 0f Eureka’s season 4 DVD sets.

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