Grimm’s Future Not So Grim

grimm According to TV By the Numbers’ recent article on the topic of cancellation and renewal predictions, Grimm’s fate is looking good. That’s good news for this fan, because Grimm just happens to be one of my favorites to come out of the 2011 season of new shows.

Grimm is a paranormal fantasy series about a homicide police detective who finds out he’s a Grimm, descended from a long line of Grimms able to pick out a variety of mythological creatures and tell them apart from regular humans. The show makes for an interesting combination of police procedural and fantasy series, setting it apart from the equally fantastic Once Upon a Time, also a fairy-tale based fantasy TV series from 2011.

Will There Be a Second Season of Grimm?

NBC hasn’t had many hits lately, or at least nothing I’m still watching except for Chuck, which is in its final season. I tried Prime Suspect, because I am a fan of crime and mystery TV (probably one reason I like Grimm so much) but the show was dark, depressing, and generally unlikeable and has already been canceled. Why does this matter? Because Grimm is one of the few new shows doing well on NBC. That’s excellent news for the future of the show and greatly increases the chance of renewal for a second season of Grimm! :)

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis