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Newest Grimm book! Grimm: The Killing Time

About the newest Grimm book, The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner. In it, a mysterious creature can dissolve its victims, assuming their appearance, personality, and memories. If you follow the Grimm series, don’t miss this book!

There’s a new Grimm book that I somehow missed when it was released by Titan Books on September 30, 2014. The cover is seriously appealing to me right now. I couldn’t bring myself to post a tiny version, so here it is in a size we can appreciate. :)

Grimm The Killing Time - Tim Waggoner

Grimm: The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner

A mysterious creature stalks the streets of Portland, looking for a new identity. With one touch it can dissolve its victims, assuming their appearance, personality, and memories. When Portland homicide detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin are called in to track down a missing person, Nick comes face to face with the changeling, but its powers have an unexpected effect on the Grimm, unleashing a deadly Wesen plague and untold chaos.

The highly positive reviews for this one say it’s a great addition to the series. I’ve already sent the sample to my Kindle and can’t wait to read it! If I like, I’ll be picking up the paperback to add to my collection of TV tie-in novels. Right now it’s overrun with books for Stargate Atlantis, Psych, and Castle.

Wikia says this 272 page book falls between “A Dish Best Served Cold” and “One Night Stand” in the show’s chronology / timeline. “One Night Stand” is the episode with the mermaid like creatures and “A Dish Best Served Cold” had the chef who was killing Blutbaden with his food.

You can find a paperback or ebook edition of Grimm: The Killing Time at most online book stores.