Poll for Stargate Fans Has Little Chance of Success

Not for the reasons you might think, either. 

I’m all for a vote to help save the Stargate franchise, but in this instance, I found myself turned off the vote by the wording of the request for votes.


They are canceling Stargate! Not only SGU, but the whole Stargate franchise!

But we are already seeing SGU getting better every episode. We want to see more episodes and movies out of the franchise! Also, it’s not only SGU’s own fault for its cancellation. SyFy’s poor slot arrangement of the show largely contributes to its poor performance.

Cast here to show your support for Stargate!

I know why SGU was cancelled. It wasn’t very good in the beginning. In fact, it was part way into season 2 before the show became exciting and interesting enough to bring me back into the fold of SGU fans.

As for this poll, I don’t think it’s smart to put so much emphasis on Syfy as being part of the reason for the show’s failure. Syfy has been a huge supporter of Stargate over the years.

I think SGU had already lost far too many viewers before a time slot move was even contemplated. Denial of the facts isn’t helping anyone. Some people love the show. Many more do not.

Me, I have found a new appreciation for the episodes of Stargate Universe as the series nears its end. But blaming Syfy for the failure of the previous episodes is not a smart move. I won’t vote in this poll, even though I do think Stargate deserves to be saved.

A Few Favorites

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