Some Grimm Speculation

**Spoilers ahead for those of you who are behind the times.**

Although it’s been months since I watched that jaw dropping season finale, I’m still not sure how I feel about the last season of Grimm. There were definitely some episodes and story lines that I thought were inspired. I actually loved the Adalind Shade story and the twist that ended with Adalind apparently carrying Nick’s baby. It was a great continuation and consequence of the spell she used to slip into Juliette’s place and take advantage of Nick. I had already lost a lot of sympathy for Juliette after that particular episode. I despised the way she appeared to blame Nick for what had happened. Then with all the changes that happened with Juliette in this past season, I just never regained any appreciation for her character.

Which is a shame, because I used to like Juliette.

Because of all that, Juliette’s apparent death didn’t hit me that hard. I was much more upset by the decapitation of Nick’s mother. Juliette’s betrayal killed any wish I have for her to return even if it’s as her former self. I would be quite happy to see her move on to the afterlife and stay there.

On the other hand, I’m not hoping Nick and Adalind will suddenly find themselves in romance-land. I don’t see that as a real option, and if it goes that way, it had better be a damned good story line.

Some sources say Juliette is gone for good. It might be best if that’s true.

Some sources say the show will be darker in season 5 than in previous seasons. I was already missing the lighter moments in season 4. I’m not sure it’s a good idea for Grimm to get too dark. The show’s appeal has never come from the strength of the plots; it’s always been the characters. Grim characters are dull when there aren’t enough of the lighter moments.

Some sources say there’s going to be tension between Monroe and Rosalee because Rosalee’s past is going to come back into play. I don’t know. I’d like to see that, but I’m already a little tired of Rosalee these days. Maybe this will help; maybe it will hurt. Too soon to tell. Monroe has been terribly neglected on the show and I would love to see him helping Nick and Hank more and having fewer of the separate story lines with Rosalee. They just divide up the episodes into two less compelling parts.

Some sources say Hank will finally get some romance! Please let this be true. Hank is the most neglected character on the series and he has so much potential. I do hope they use him more this season. And honestly, I want to see more of his past. The dude supposedly has four ex-wives. Shouldn’t we have at least seen one already?

Right now, those are the big points of speculation as far as I’m concerned.

I might add to this post later as I come across more information about the upcoming season. Feel free to share what you know, or think you know, in the comments. Speculation is fun.