Some Grimm Speculation

**Spoilers ahead for those of you who are behind the times.**

Although it’s been months since I watched that jaw dropping season finale, I’m still not sure how I feel about the last season of Grimm. There were definitely some episodes and story lines that I thought were inspired. I actually loved the Adalind Shade story and the twist that ended with Adalind apparently carrying Nick’s baby. It was a great continuation and consequence of the spell she used to slip into Juliette’s place and take advantage of Nick. I had already lost a lot of sympathy for Juliette after that particular episode. I despised the way she appeared to blame Nick for what had happened. Then with all the changes that happened with Juliette in this past season, I just never regained any appreciation for her character.

Which is a shame, because I used to like Juliette.

Because of all that, Juliette’s apparent death didn’t hit me that hard. I was much more upset by the decapitation of Nick’s mother. Juliette’s betrayal killed any wish I have for her to return even if it’s as her former self. I would be quite happy to see her move on to the afterlife and stay there.

On the other hand, I’m not hoping Nick and Adalind will suddenly find themselves in romance-land. I don’t see that as a real option, and if it goes that way, it had better be a damned good story line.

Some sources say Juliette is gone for good. It might be best if that’s true.

Some sources say the show will be darker in season 5 than in previous seasons. I was already missing the lighter moments in season 4. I’m not sure it’s a good idea for Grimm to get too dark. The show’s appeal has never come from the strength of the plots; it’s always been the characters. Grim characters are dull when there aren’t enough of the lighter moments.

Some sources say there’s going to be tension between Monroe and Rosalee because Rosalee’s past is going to come back into play. I don’t know. I’d like to see that, but I’m already a little tired of Rosalee these days. Maybe this will help; maybe it will hurt. Too soon to tell. Monroe has been terribly neglected on the show and I would love to see him helping Nick and Hank more and having fewer of the separate story lines with Rosalee. They just divide up the episodes into two less compelling parts.

Some sources say Hank will finally get some romance! Please let this be true. Hank is the most neglected character on the series and he has so much potential. I do hope they use him more this season. And honestly, I want to see more of his past. The dude supposedly has four ex-wives. Shouldn’t we have at least seen one already?

Right now, those are the big points of speculation as far as I’m concerned.

I might add to this post later as I come across more information about the upcoming season. Feel free to share what you know, or think you know, in the comments. Speculation is fun.


Ah ha! Teen Wolf’s Season Three Love Interest for Derrick

So, is it just me or does it appear that [SPOILER ALERT for Fireflies!] Scott’s and Stiles’ new teacher could end up being Derrick’s new love interest? Although rumors have abounded about him getting his werewolf-y self a girlfriend this season, I hadn’t seen any mention of the new teacher.

At the end of the latest episode, things looked like it could definitely go that way in the future. The rescue and then her trusting reach for him at the end… if I were a gambler, I know where I’d put my money.

This is pure speculation, I’m afraid, but I’m a fan and I sure do enjoy speculating on these things.

Fireflies is also available as streaming video on the MTV website if you prefer. I tried it, and it sucked so I bought a season pass at Amazon. I love the show too much to settle for crappy commercial-filled playback. Every time a commercial came on, it knocked the video out of full screen mode. Since I was streaming to my TV it was very unpleasant to have to get up and reset the full screen mode every time the show came back on, because there were a LOT of ads.

If you stream from the MTV website, has this happened to you? Were you able to fix it?



As Season 2 Nears its End, Grimm is still my favorite show. But…

Hank GriffinI’m worried about Hank. His role feels incomplete, extraneous. Not integral to the show any longer. The thing is, I don’t want to lose Hank, but if they don’t find a way to make him truly part of the series, he has no place on the show.

That’s after watching this week’s episode on, The Waking Dead, which aired on 5/14/13. (Aside: the video starts right off, so if you hate that don’t follow the link.) With the season finale coming up, Hank Griffin seems like a character worth worrying over. Maybe if he weren’t so supportive of Nick, there could be some animosity develop between them related to the Wesen world. Or he could side more clearly with Captain Renard in a situation where Nick has to go against them both.

I don’t know … there are thousands of possibilities that would bring Hank back into a significant role within Grimm. As it is, he’s not even the sidekick, or at best, a sidekick half the time when no one else is around. I don’t want Hank to do something foolish, but I don’t think that would be necessary. Nick has already had run-ins with Wesen that have made him make questionable decisions. Hank obviously believes in the law, or he couldn’t be where he’s at, so the idea that there could come a time when Nick makes a decision that could put a major rift between him and Hank is very real. That would make for some excellent story too.

But the show’s writers seem determined to keep Hank in a marginalized role.

So I’m going to worry about Hank and his fate until after the season finale airs on 5/21/13, or until season 3 starts. Maybe both.

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Sanctuary Woes

I just watched the Sanctuary season finale today, Into the Black. I admit I got behind on the series, but I didn’t feel a lot of motivation to watch quickly. The whole Hollow Earth story line makes me feel tired and bored. I’m losing interest and I’m left wondering where all the excitement went?

Latest episode: Sanctuary – Into the Black

I have found myself less interested in the series by the episode, which is too bad because I really liked Sanctuary in the first two seasons, even after the death of Magnus’s daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup).

But lately, instead of filling the show with compelling drama between the established characters, the little bit of character drama we see happens between our guys and outside people, such as Henry’s girlfriend or Will’s girlfriend. I have nothing against giving these people richer lives, but diluting an already struggling group dynamic hasn’t helped the show in any way that I can see.

Sanctuary is tired. I won’t call for the end of the show, because I know there’s probably someone out there that still enjoys watching, but seriously, if things don’t improve, I’m not going to be one of them…

Sci-Fi Views

Heads up about changes coming to SciFi Fantasies in 2011

This is just a little note to mention that changes are coming to this site and blog. I’ve been neglecting SciFi Fantasies for a while now and I feel compelled to find a way to bring back the love I once had for the site. I’ve been giving that some thought as the end of the year has approached and I’ve had a few ideas that I think might work out.

1. I have a heavy interest in some shows and could care less about others. I’d like SciFi Fantasies to reflect my interests more.

2. I created a database back when I started this site, but I’ve found that I don’t enjoy keeping it updated. If I’m not going to keep it relevant, there’s really no point in having it here. I’m not planning on losing all of the content, but I won’t be keeping some of the minutia such as the individual pages for episode details–unless I change my mind between now and implementation.

3. I would like to chat more on the blog. News is all well and good, but I truly enjoy episode and show discussion and I would like to do more of that. To that end, this site is not going to be spoilerphobe friendly. I have a love for spoilers and the site is probably going to reflect that.

4. I run several other sites I created for shows I’m especially fond of (,, I would like to integrate them more fully with this site. Not sure how that will work, but I’m going to give it some additional thought.

5. I love books! I want to talk about science fiction and fantasy books more often here. Especially tie-ins for television I love.

6. I want to showcase fun stuff that fans love. I get a little caught up in the worlds created by the tv shows I love and find myself sometimes wanting to read more about them outside the sanctioned channels. I would like to talk about and link to fanfiction I find particularly fun and entertaining, or at the very least to the archives where it can be found. I’ve found that good fanfiction can be integral to keeping me excited about a show when a few bad episodes try to spoil my fun.

7. There is no 7 yet. :)

So there you go, a short summary of things I’d like to do with the site in 2011 and that I hope to get started on ASAP.

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What’s Coming to Sanctuary this Fall?

Sanctuary returns in a few months, so I thought I would catch up with the only two episodes of season two I hadn’t yet seen. Kali Part 1 and Kali Part 2 were a pair of episodes well worth watching back to back. I wish I had waited just a little longer though because the cliffhanger means I have to wait until the show returns before I find out what happens!

Syfy's Header for Sanctuary - Does it mean Ashley is returning? I have several questions about the new season.

Are we going to see Ashley again? That’s the main question on my mind after seeing this image on the Syfy’s Sanctuary website. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of this promo for the new Fall 2010 season having Ashley Magnus on it, but to tease and taunt us fans?

Will we see more of Ravi? I really enjoyed him and the flirty moments between him and Kate. They could have something much more interesting than Kate has had so far with any of the other guys on the show. I’m still waiting for Henry to find a girl I like, but if Ashley came back… that’s the girl I’d want for Will. Don’t know why I like them as a couple, but I certainly think each has something to teach the other. Of course, I have not heard a word about that happening, so it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.

Back to Kali. Paul McGillion looked horrible in the episode. His makeup was not good, nor was his character. ;-) I liked his character though because his kind always make good villains. The makeup however, I never liked. I did like the way he moved his head. I thought those jerky little movements made him seem quite unhuman-like.

I liked the way the episodes went, and I thought it was interesting to watch Magnus squirm. Terrance was completely correct in that she would not have stood for any other Sanctuary leader to do as she did. I also think she might be realizing finally what she’s set in motion by not maintaining some kind of ultimate authority over the other Sanctuaries. One or two power hungry people and you end up with a mutiny on your hands!

All in all, I’m getting excited about the return of the series. Can hardly wait. :) What about you?

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Sanctuary – Season 2 Starts off Strong, Maybe Too Strong For Me

I’m not a wimp (most of the time) but I do prefer TV shows that don’t encourage me to be overly emotional or that work me up into a tizzy. However, it seems more and more of my favorites and turning to drama as a way to intensify their episodes.

Sanctuary has never been a drama free show, for sure, but the beginning of season two has added in all kinds of new drama to the first few episodes.

I got a late start watching, for several reasons, the most disruptive being a dead DVR and hours of unwatched TV episodes. That was a good day from drama, for sure, but it left me without a taste for more.

When I finally got to catch up with my faves, I find out Ashley just might be dead. Talk about a mood killer. Sanctuary seemed so promising and then… that.


I’m sure I’m not alone in my disappointment. I won’t say I’m abandoning the show, because I’m really hoping for a great payoff at a later date. I’m also hoping that by the time I realize it isn’t going to happen, I will have finally gotten over her death so that I can still enjoy the show. :) I know, I don’t always make a lot of sense. But there you go. What do you think?

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Fifth Season of Doctor Who in 2010

Okay, okay, so maybe they’ve got another season in the works after all. Reports are showing up everywhere now that say that Doctor Who will return in 2010 with a full fifth season. News reports that Russell T. Davies will be replaced as head writer and executive producer this time by Steven Moffat.

Now we’ll have to see if David Tennant (who has played the main character of the show for the past three seasons) will return. I didn’t really like him much that first part of the first season he was in, but I can’t imagine anyone else playing the Doctor now. I sure hope he decides to do it!


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Doctor Who 2009 Specials?

It would seem there are a lot of rumors and “news” reports that Doctor Who, while it won’t have a full season in 2009, will return with four television specials. It’s reported that these are one hour specials, one of which will be shown around Easter 2009, and another one Christmas Day. Russell T. Davies was supposed to have written two of the 2009 specials, along with having co-written the others. Other writers include Gareth Roberts and Phil Ford.

Maybe, just maybe they’ll give us little teasers for whether or not the series will return in 2010…


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Doctor Who gone until 2010!?!

Anyone else think that the way they tied up Doctor Who this season was a ‘just in case we don’t come back’ kiss off? I’m a huge fan of the show, but recently, I’ve felt as if they’ve rushed things to come to the end. Everything you read says that they’ll be back, but will they? Really? A two year hiatus is a long time for a show. What happens to the fans between now and then?

If you watched the two part season finale, you know they’ve now pretty much tied up all the loose ends. If they do come back it will all be fresh. They’ve obliterated (yet again) the Dalek. The Doctor left a duplicate of himself for Rose–who once again is tied off in a parallel dimension–so that she won’t miss him or whatever any more. It seems to have signaled an end to her being on the show ever again. Unless some new phenomenon happens to open the gaps between the dimensions. Donna can’t ever remember the Doctor or anything about her time with him or she’ll go loony and die. So where does that leave everything? At an end or they’ve run out of ideas, in my opinion…but we’ll see.

There is the 2008 Christmas special due to air this December. In it, we’ll see the return of the Cybermen (of the design of the parallel universe’s Cybus Industries Cybermen). There will be a new mutant Cyberman called Cybershade who will be on Earth in Victorian England (supposedly set on Christmas Eve 1851). This might be interesting. It might prove me wrong. I’m interested to find out who will be in this special before I comment.

One good thing about the finale shows I guess is that Martha can now join Jack on Torchwood. So can Mickey, for that matter. Torchwood’s show has two openings after their season finale, one for a doctor (oh, look, Martha’s a doctor, LOL!) and a techie (which Mickey can do too!). It’ll be interesting to see if they do make a transition on to that show. I’ll be watching.