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Falling Skies Graphic NovelThe new TNT series Falling Skies is an exciting science fiction drama set on Earth after an attack from an alien species that leaves the human population struggling to fight back.

Continue the story with the Falling Skies graphic novel which is a prequel to the television series, telling the tale of Tom Mason and his sons.

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Summary of Falling Skies

In the heart of Boston, following the devastating events of an alien invasion, history professor Tom Mason and his sons meet up with the 2nd Mass, a militia group determined to wipe out the aliens. But with the militia’s supplies running low, Tom must locate an old friend to equip him and his team in order to ensure the survival of the human race!

Update: The Falling Skies graphic novel is out of stock at TFAW, so you’ll probably have to pick it up at Amazon for the moment if you want to read it. The price is now the same at both places anyway.

You can buy Falling Skies from Amazon but it costs less at Things from Another World. Love the way you can preview the books at TFAW. It makes it easy to know just what kind of quality and story you’re getting.

More About the Falling Skies Graphic Novel

Here are plenty of product specific details about the Falling Skies comic book from Dark Horse. There’s also a Falling Skies webcomic you will want to read if you’re interested in this book.

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: Nate Piekos
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Cover Artist: Steve Morris
Genre: Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: June 15, 2011
Format: FC, TPB, 104 pages, 6" x 9"
Age range: 14
ISBN-10: 1-59582-737-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-59582-737-1

Falling Skies is from DreamWorks Television and stars Noah Wyle. Watch at 9 Central on Sundays on TNT.  Don’t miss it!

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