Books of the science fiction and fantasy variety, with an emphasis on tie-in novels for the television shows we can’t live without.

Grimm: The Ultimate Companion Coming in … March 2014? You’re Kidding, Right?

Who doesn’t want an ultimate companion for a beloved show? But, uh, there’s a problem with this one, for Grimm. The book doesn’t come out until March 2014. Seems kind of … delayed. Or slow. Or maybe short-sighted is a better word. […]

Ha! Now I Must Read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving is a true classic and I can’t believe I haven’t bothered to read it before now.*

Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore; More Grimm Goodness On the Way

Because I can’t get enough of Grimm. Here we go again.

Comic or Graphic Novel? You Tell Me. Grimm, Volume 1

Honest to God, I don’t really know the difference between comics and graphic novels, since neither are something I usually read. However, this is Grimm, and God knows I’ve about become obsessed with this show. Whatever it is, Amazon says it has 112 pages. […]

The Grimm Books Are Now a Series

The upcoming Grimm books… On November 5th, the first of the Grimm books will be available. I have no idea how these stories will fall in with the canon of the series, but it should be a lot of fun to find out. […]

The Breakers Series: Books 1-3 Bundle, a 99¢ Bargain

I’m not usually on the lookout for cheap books because I tend to be a reader who wants now whatever it is I want to read and waiting for a bargain isn’t in my nature. Including Breakers, Meltdown, & Knifepoint, this bundle isn’t the complete Breakers set, but it definitely will give you a good start on the series.

Zombies Are So Passé, But an Apocalypse Makes It All Better: This Plague of Days (The Zombie Apocalypse Serial)

I’m not a big fan of serialized fiction. I love series, but series and serials aren’t remotely the same when done correctly. However, this one has caught my attention, with its creepy cover and interesting description. The cover doesn’t say zombies to me, but it certainly does right by the apocalypse. Regardless, […]

A List of the Stargate Atlantis Legacy Series Books; Because It’s Finally Over

It’s done. The end. The Legacy series is over. And I’m a few months late with this post. Oops. Here’s all the books in the series, for those who might be interested.

Grimm Has a Book on the Way: The Icy Touch

GRIMM’s getting a book. Written by John Shirley and showing up with a publication date of November 2013, the book’s going to be the first in a possible series of books set in the GRIMM world. As a fan, I could definitely get behind that.

On Fire, a Teen Wolf Novel at a Bargain Price; Because the Book Sucks?

Not that I think the book sucks. Yet. :) But there are people who have an opinion and they have shared it.

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis