Teen Wolf: Young Derek Will Be Missed

Spoilers. Although if you’re reading this, you were probably looking for them.

Young Derek = Adorable

I saved up the first three episodes of the new season of Teen Wolf so I wouldn’t have that horrible cliffhanger hangover later, and I’m so glad I did. After the plot twist at the end of the first episode “The Dark Moon,” I would have been so disappointed to have to wait for the next, “117.” By “Muted,” I already missed young Derek.

It would have been so fun to see that plot twist hang around for a few more episodes, although I admit, when it first happened, I wanted the real Derek back ASAP. But, wow, that one grew on me in like thirty seconds flat.

Using the same actor from last season’s “Visionary” was a great choice and it was cool to see him a bit more grown up looking. He’s adorable and he’s a good actor. And although I’m too old to be thinking that kid’s a hottie, my much younger daughter isn’t. :D The fact that he looks so much like Derek gave both those episodes some really awesome realism.

Teen Wolf’s second episode of season 4, “117” had some excellent moments. I love that the writers have brought some of the humor of the first season back so strongly this season. I’ve missed that. I loved season 3, don’t get me wrong, but the levity of a little humor does add something special to the show, making the episodes much more re-watchable.

In fact, I figure I’ll be re-watching “117” sooner rather than later. If you haven’t caught it yet, do as I did, and buy it on Amazon. Or watch it on MTV’s website when it’s available (link).


Teen Wolf’s Season Ender Still Has Me Puzzled

If you haven’t watched the season finale of Teen Wolf: WARNING, there are spoilers ahead.

I’m puzzled. Not about the show, although that last scene raised my eyebrows as I had a half-second flash of What? Was it all a dream? before my brain caught up and I realized that probably wasn’t what was happening at all.

No, I’m puzzled about how I feel about it all. I don’t know. I kind of expected something better. The little bardo thing felt kind of, uh, lame? I don’t know. I wasn’t thrilled with it, I guess. I had seriously hoped Scott was going to show he had some more hidden cleverness tucked away in his brain somewhere. I adore poor Scott but it’s pretty clear he isn’t much more than a bleeding heart without his friends. Maybe I just need to watch it again—but I don’t feel like it. Not right now anyway.

So, some thoughts

Danny knowing about werewolves. Cute. Maybe too cute.

Scott’s dad sticking around, possibly. I’m good with that.

Isaac not returning (picked that up from an interview, not from the season ending episode). Eh, ambivalent. I can see why the character might choose to stay away, so I’m sure it will work fine for the show. But I’m going to seriously miss Isaac. He brought a lot of humor to the show!

Derek … getting shot?! No!!! Typically, the end of season cliffhangers haven’t been that big and this one is going to torture me all spring, until the show returns in late June. Argh!

On the other hand, I can see Kate’s return as something quite interesting, although without Allison there, I’m not sure it’ll be more than Ooh, goody, a strong villainess!

And if Derek dies, well, I’m gonna bail. That sounds mean, but there are a few characters on this show that if they died, I don’t think I’d care how it was handled, I’d quit watching. Of course, the show runners can do what they want, so I’m not saying this for any other reason than that it just wouldn’t be the same for me and I admit, I tend to lose faith in shows quickly when too many changes happen too quickly.

My list of no-go characters on Teen Wolf

  • Scott McCall (of course!)
  • Stiles Stilinski
  • Sheriff Stilinski
  • Melissa McCall
  • Derek Hale (gotta have at least one born werewolf and he’s my pick)

I’ll miss many others if they depart, but I’d live, and I’d keep watching. (I lived through Jackson’s departure, and I’m accepting of Allison’s death, and those were huge, as far as I’m concerned.) :D

Get rid of any of those people above, and I’d have to think long and hard before I’d be even possibly interested in keeping up with the show.

Any thoughts?


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Teen Wolf: I Saw It Coming and I Still Flinched

Who didn’t see the end of Teen Wolf’s “Silverfinger” coming? Who watched it and still screamed out at the TV like the girl that she is?

That’d be me.

I’m spoiling the episode below so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on.

Here’s a description of the episode “Silverfinger” just so you have a little eye-room before I spill the goods.

Scott’s friends pledge to protect him against him against an increasingly hostile enemy while Argent, Isaac and Allison search for answers through an old adversary from the Japanese Yakuza. At the same time, Stiles enlists Melissa’s help in figuring out exactly what’s going on with him.

Stiles in the HospitalIn an awesome display of incredible acting, Dylan O’Brien completely sold me on Stiles’ possession by a cold-eyed demon/spirit. Honestly, I knew he was a good actor, but the scene really blew me away. It’s no wonder his career seems to be heating up. The guy can act.

What a great boon to Teen Wolf.

I loved the episode for several reasons, but this last scene—this was the kicker. I’m salivating for the next episode, so I know someone did their job.

Teen Wolf is still a fantastic series. I hope this thing goes on for years.



Teen Wolf: Time to Rewatch the First Half of Season 3

Just an observation, now that the first half of Teen Wolf’s third season is over: the tone of the show wasn’t only darker but lacked a lot of the themes that ran through the first two seasons. Of course, talking about the murder of children (even though they’re teens, they’re still kids) every single episode made it tough to have much fun with it.

I still enjoyed the show, although I’d love to see a few lighter episodes once the season resumes in like … five … months, but it was impossible not to notice that the series has really changed. Allison was barely there. Issac, whom I do adore, had more scenes but less to do. Boyd, poor fellow, was hardly there at all, and of course we all know what happened to poor Erica. The villains annoyed me. Kali, I hated. She was probably the best villain just because every time she came on screen I kept hoping she would finally die and that was even before I found out just how big a role she played in certain key deaths/maimings.

I enjoyed Cora though but I still don’t feel like I know how she didn’t die in the Hale house fire, so I feel like I either missed something the first time through–not impossible–or it wasn’t explained very well. And one scene I remember that makes me long for her to come back for at least a couple short episodes was the Issac & Derrick scene where Issac shows a bit of romantic interest in Cora. That would be lovely to see followed up. Not likely to happen, I know, especially with all the Allison and Issac vibes going on–which I’m not much of a fan of, TBH, because it makes no sense that Allison wouldn’t want to be with Scott if she’s reconciled herself with her anti-werewolf sentiment from season 2. If not, why in the world would she be interested in Issac? Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

It’s time to rewatch the season though to make sure I didn’t miss anything or that I’m not looking at the half-season as a whole and not remembering the lighter moments. Plus, it’s always fun to rewatch the good shows. :)


Ah ha! Teen Wolf’s Season Three Love Interest for Derrick

So, is it just me or does it appear that [SPOILER ALERT for Fireflies!] Scott’s and Stiles’ new teacher could end up being Derrick’s new love interest? Although rumors have abounded about him getting his werewolf-y self a girlfriend this season, I hadn’t seen any mention of the new teacher.

At the end of the latest episode, things looked like it could definitely go that way in the future. The rescue and then her trusting reach for him at the end… if I were a gambler, I know where I’d put my money.

This is pure speculation, I’m afraid, but I’m a fan and I sure do enjoy speculating on these things.

Fireflies is also available as streaming video on the MTV website if you prefer. I tried it, and it sucked so I bought a season pass at Amazon. I love the show too much to settle for crappy commercial-filled playback. Every time a commercial came on, it knocked the video out of full screen mode. Since I was streaming to my TV it was very unpleasant to have to get up and reset the full screen mode every time the show came back on, because there were a LOT of ads.

If you stream from the MTV website, has this happened to you? Were you able to fix it?



On Fire, a Teen Wolf Novel at a Bargain Price; Because the Book Sucks?

Huge Teen Wolf fan here and I knew this was going to be an awful read going into it, but just had to anyway. I was not disappointed in how bad it is.


I can’t agree or disagree with the reviewer named Margaret because I haven’t yet read the book, but I think it’s neat that she went into the book knowing (somehow) that it was going to be terrible and then getting lucky enough to have all her hopes and dreams fulfilled. ;)

The paperback of On Fire is currently cheaper than the ebook at the moment and listed as bargain pricing, probably because the third season is about to start and from rumors I’m hearing, much of the stuff in the book is about to get overwritten. Then it’ll just be another fanfic story that does what it wants, regardless of—oh, wait. It’s already done that according to several other reviews.

Nancy Holder takes events out of the chronological timeline. The first chapter clearly states that the book begins at the end of the fifth episode of season one, “The Tell.”

The reviewer (Megan) goes on to detail several of these instances.

That said, I’m a fan, and I might pick the book up anyway. Season 3 starts soon.


On June 3rd, Teen Wolf Season 3 Starts Airing on MTV

Four months after the events that nearly ended Jackson’s life and resurrected Peter Hale’s, teen wolf Scott McCall and his friends begin their junior year of high school unaware that a new threat has arrived in Beacon Hills: A pack of Alpha werewolves intent on bringing Derek into their fold, while destroying his young pack.

Link to the Teen Wolf site on

June 3rd isn’t going to be here fast enough. I’ve been waiting for this series to return since I watched the credits roll at the end of the season 2 finale. Yes, I am a bit of a fan. ;)

The nice thing about is that not only do they have a few of the most recent episodes available for streaming, they have the entire complement of season 1 and season 2 episodes. Netflix also has the episodes for streaming at the moment, if you’re so inclined. (I am, regularly.)

The Teen Wolf site also has a decent collection of interesting videos and stills about the upcoming season. Check them out if you’re the kind of fan who enjoys extras.

Of course, if you’re a more devoted fan, you might want the dvds or blu-ray disks anyway. Can’t say I blame you. Teen Wolf is one of those shows where the episodes are worth watching more than once, especially some of the more pivotal scenes. I love more than a few of the episodes from the backside of season 2.


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