Juliette: It’s time to go

Juliette - Grimm - Blonde AmbitionJuliette Silverton is Nick Burkhardt’s girlfriend/almost fiancée on Grimm. Whoever wrote her part in “Blonde Ambition” certainly doesn’t like her.

As someone who’s quite fond of Juliette most of the time, I was unbelievably disappointed to see her act so irrational, immature, and unlikeable in the Grimm season three finale.

(1) A crazy hexenbeist pretended to be Juliette and slept with Nick. What does Juliette do? She gets mad at Nick.

(2) In reaction to the news that the crazy hexenbeist has in effect raped Nick, Juliette decides that’s the time to tell him she just doesn’t know if she can handle him being a Grimm.

(3) Captain Renard called Juliette and in a very reasonable tone asked to discuss issues that were very pertinent to both their lives, but because she’d talked to the crazy hexenbeist first, she goes off on him and hangs up on him. Because, you know, the crazy hexenbeist told Juliette Sean was crazy. Even though crazy hexenbeist girl (Adelind) is crazy.

Frankly, at the moment, I just hope Juliette leaves Nick, and Portland, and doesn’t look back, because right now, I don’t like her.

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