Teen Wolf: Time to Rewatch the First Half of Season 3

Just an observation, now that the first half of Teen Wolf’s third season is over: the tone of the show wasn’t only darker but lacked a lot of the themes that ran through the first two seasons. Of course, talking about the murder of children (even though they’re teens, they’re still kids) every single episode made it tough to have much fun with it.

I still enjoyed the show, although I’d love to see a few lighter episodes once the season resumes in like … five … months, but it was impossible not to notice that the series has really changed. Allison was barely there. Issac, whom I do adore, had more scenes but less to do. Boyd, poor fellow, was hardly there at all, and of course we all know what happened to poor Erica. The villains annoyed me. Kali, I hated. She was probably the best villain just because every time she came on screen I kept hoping she would finally die and that was even before I found out just how big a role she played in certain key deaths/maimings.

I enjoyed Cora though but I still don’t feel like I know how she didn’t die in the Hale house fire, so I feel like I either missed something the first time through–not impossible–or it wasn’t explained very well. And one scene I remember that makes me long for her to come back for at least a couple short episodes was the Issac & Derrick scene where Issac shows a bit of romantic interest in Cora. That would be lovely to see followed up. Not likely to happen, I know, especially with all the Allison and Issac vibes going on–which I’m not much of a fan of, TBH, because it makes no sense that Allison wouldn’t want to be with Scott if she’s reconciled herself with her anti-werewolf sentiment from season 2. If not, why in the world would she be interested in Issac? Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

It’s time to rewatch the season though to make sure I didn’t miss anything or that I’m not looking at the half-season as a whole and not remembering the lighter moments. Plus, it’s always fun to rewatch the good shows. :)

A Few Favorites

Grimm Stargate Atlantis